struggling with vray

currently working on making everything awesome for the internal jury scheduled for 3rd of Nov 2012.

struggling is an understatement, struggling with Vray to make the Google Sketchup look more photorealistic. alongside making documentation book thicker and better, making the presentation for the jury annnnnnd tweaking the communication piece.


Review 5 reflections

Reflections from review 5.
8th October 2012

I showed the last two weeks progress – which was logo iterations, Sketchup model & Presentation.

Points to work on –

1. Edit text. Make it more brief, get the point across with lesser words. Cut the clutter.
2. Use the identity in the language be more about navigation – drive, path, navigate etc
3. Look at use of colour in presentation-simplify existing use. Could use the colours of the logo – purple + yellow throughout the presentation to create a more last impact
of identity/idea through presentation itself.
4. Personas page – same view of of illustration/ think about using photograph.
Could categorise information more with headings like pain point, background.
Ground persona more- give more where he lives etc.
5. The scenarios could work better as story boards.
6. See how logo works in reverse format- on a dark background.
7. Listening/knowing- could be one category.
8. PDF- ppt- print ready file.
9. Beginning of presentation needs a brief overview of Navgati.
Who, What- Students/ITI/Quest-  to anchor presentation.
10. Sketch up model + presentation synchronization.
Some parts need to be explained of the room.
11. Sketch up model – rendered with people.